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The tab is intended for managing the employee data of the company.

Список сотрудников.png

In the right part of the window there is a filter of the list of employees, as well as the button Shipment issue, which you can use to move to the tab Issue and start the issue to the courier allocated in the list of employees.

Employee Types

In the system there is a division of employees by type of activity:

  • courier — an employee of the company engaged in the delivery of shipments;
  • agent — sales specialist;
  • manager — an employee who supervises couriers;
  • office — administrative personnel of the company, such as call center operators.

The type of activity is indicated in the employee card.

Employee Card Creation

To create an employee card:

  1. In the Employees tab press F3 or choose the New context menu item. The Employee Information window opens.
  2. Fill in the card tabs and click OK. After you save the information, you will have access to the Schedule and Clients tabs.

Employee Card

The employee card appearance may vary depending on the setting of user rights.

The card contains the following tabs:


The tab contains the main employee data. Only the fields that are required are described below.

Карточка сотрудника.png

Code. A numeric value, assigned automatically.

Home Phone. By clicking on the button Icon call.png you can call via the system.

Mobile Phone. By clicking on the button Icon call.png you can call via the system or using the button Icon sms.png send a text message.

Contact Phone. Specify the priority phone number. When you press the button Icon call.png you can call via the system.

E-Mail. The employee's email address. When you click the button Icon e-mail.png you can send an email.

Photo" You can add a photo of an employee:

  • using a web-camera. Left-click on the photo area. To take a photo of an employee, click Capture. If the photo succeeds, press OK, if not, press Capture again.
  • from the computer. To upload a photo of an employee, call the context menu on the photo area, select Upload and select the file on your computer.

You can also use the context menu to delete, save and print a photo.

Subway station. The closest subway station to the place of actual residence.

Passport Info. Series and number, who issued it, date, subdivision code. On the button Zadanie04.png you can fill this field with data from the Company Info tab.

TIN. Uniqueness of TIN is controlled inside the system. The field can be used for user synchronization of employees, for example with 1C. Can have different names in different countries.

Manager. Select from the drop-down list the logistician who regulates the courier's work.

Group leader. A drop-down list that includes employees marked with the Group leader checkbox. When you select a group leader, the courier is assigned to them.

Recommended by. Select from the drop-down list the employee who recommended the employee to join the organization.

Drop-down list Employee type.

Restriction on issued shipment. More at «Employee status».

VIP. If the box is checked, the employee becomes a priority when selecting a courier for delivery from the Urgent tab. Also the checkbox is used to filter the list of employees.

Group leader. If the checkbox is selected, the employee performs additional duties, for example, to bring changes in the work regulations to the couriers. Couriers can be assigned to a specific group leader from the list.

Driver. If the checkbox is selected, the employee is considered a driver. Enter the driver's license number and attach the vehicle on theAdditional tab. Specifying a vehicle will allow you to correctly count the courier load.
If the checkbox is not selected, the courier is considered a walking courier. To limit the load of the walking courier, specify the maximum weight of the orders issued to him in the variable Maximum weight for courier

Flexible attendance. If the checkbox is selected, the employee can work without a schedule; the schedule is created automatically when the employee comes to work. If the checkbox is not selected, the employee will not be able to start work without a schedule for that day.

Area. Enter the number or name of the area in which the employee works.

Notes and Notes-2. Free fields in which you can specify information related to a particular employee. The "Note-2" can be displayed for employees with additional user rights.

See also


The tab is intended for storing personal data and bank details of the employee.


The work schedule defines the working hours of the employees. The schedule contains the reference period of work, working days and weekends, the beginning and end of the working day.

График работы.png

The following work options are provided for company employees:

  • on a standard schedule, with clock in and clock out times;
  • free attendance. The clock in and clock out times of the employee are recorded as the fact.

If an employee does not have a work schedule and the Free Attendance box is not checked on the Main tab, no shipments can be issued to them.

To access and edit, it is necessary to have rights.

By default, the workday begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m., and the workweek is Monday through Friday. Weekends are highlighted in red.

The following actions are available in the context menu of the tab:

  • Grant Leave — indicate the reason for the employee's absence;
  • Day Off to Everyone — give all employees the day off;
  • Delete After This Date — delete the schedule for all dates following the selected one;
  • Extend Selection — copy the schedule of the allocated day to the end of the schedule;
  • Extend Schedule — create a schedule for a new period.

For more information about working with the schedule, see «Employee schedules».


The tab displays the partners that the employee supervises or were brought in by the said employee. The percentage of the client's orders specified in the Manager's % column is added to the employee's salary.

A double click on the line opens the client's card.


The tab contains additional information about the employee. The tab looks as follows:

Сотрудники Дополнительно.png

Drivers license. The number of the driver's license. The field is active if the "Driver's License Number" checkbox is selected on the Main tab.

Car. The model of the courier's vehicle. Select the value from the drop-down list. The field is active if the Driver checkbox is selected on the Main tab.

To add a new value to the list, click on the button to the right of the field Плюс2.png. The Car window opens. Fill in the fields and click the "OK" button. The tracker ID number is used for employee tracking.

To view information about the selected vehicle, click on the button to the right of the field More.png.

Do not pay wage. If the box is checked, the employee cannot recieve wage. Applies when administrative action against the employee is necessary.

Do not hand over shipments. If the box is checked, the employee cannot be given orders. It is used when administrative actions on the employee are necessary.

Salary. The amount of payment as part of the salary, which is paid to the employee for the performance of the standard of work.

+piece-rate. If checked, the employee's salary depends on the amount of work performed, taking into account its quality, complexity and working conditions. Select a pay rate from the drop-down list. To set up piece-rate pay, click the button next to the field More.png. For more information, see "Salary".

Payroll. Displays the employee's salary for the current period. To calculate the current salary amount, click the button Update.png. To see the details of the calculation, click on the button Кнопка точки.png.

Fixed non-cash transfer:. A fixed portion of an employee's salary that is automatically paid non-cash each month. This amount is included in non-cash payments when calculating wages.

Company. The name of the organization to which the employee belongs.

Branch. The structural subdivision of the organization where the employee works.

Register phone. The button is designed to display a QR code. The courier scans the code with his smartphone to register in mobile app for Android or for IOS.

Employee ID card

Employee ID is used to automatically mark the working time on the Security tab or to identify the courier in transactions with shipments: issue, acceptance of work, acceptance of money.

For the convenience of human resources employees there is a setting When scanning the ID, which allows you to open a payroll instead of the "Issuance" tab when scanning an ID.

To print an ID, in the employee card in the lower left corner, click on Print.png and select a document. By default, the form is called "ID" and looks like this:


You can create your own ID form and upload a text file to References > Print Forms > Courier Documents.

The courier service data is taken from the references Binary data.

Firing an employee

When the exact date of the employee contract termination is known, enter a value in the Terminated field in the employee card.

As soon as the terminationl date arrives, the employee cannot be assigned shipments and will be displayed as fired.

Employee Card Removal

You cannot delete an employee record.

If an employee card was created by mistake, you can edit it: for example, change the data when hiring a new employee.

If an employee has made several deliveries and then quit, MeaSoft stores information on their deliveries and can include them in reports.

Settlements with couriers

To see settlements with a specific employee, select the employee card and choose Payroll from the context menu. The Payroll window opens. For more information, see «Wage accrual».


You can create reports by employees.


User rights

Setting access rights for employees of the organization allows you to regulate the viewing, changing and deleting information.

To change access rights, select the Setup > Users main menu option.

We recommend creating user groups to manage access rights, for example, create a group "Managers" to control the access of all logisticians in the organization.

For more information about creating user entries, see «Users».

There are the following access rights for employees:

  1. To couriers .
  2. To managers.
  3. To agents.
  4. To schedules.
  5. To bonuses and penalties.
  6. To additional information.

Employee statuses

The setting allows you to set limits on the shipments to be issued to the employee. In this way you can set limits on the amount of money that can be used to pay for shipments.

By default, there are 3 employee statuses:

  • 1 — there are no restrictions on shipments to be issued;
  • 2 — the amount up to which cash tasks can be given to the courier is specified. If the additional information does not specify the amount of restriction, the employee cannot be given a money order;
  • 3 — the issue of cash tasks is prohibited.

To change, add or delete an employee status, go to References > Statuses > Employee Types and select the necessary item in the context menu.

In the Employees tab, the employees with the selected status colors will be highlighted.